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Aragonite Clusters
Grounding | Stability | Calmness | Clarity


Weight Range: 5g - 15g


Aragonite is said to foster truth, understanding and an unclouded perception of reality. A strong stone to release negative energy, anger, fear and relieve stress, emotional fatigue from the body while bringing in patience when it is needed most.
Aragonite can radiate energy outwards in all directions, beaming rays of light and love out in all directions.
Aragonite is one of those rare stone where it can soothe and energise at the same time; creating a sense of overall well-being.



Price is per 1 piece, intuitively chosen for you. 
Please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind;  there will be slight variations with each stone. All crystals are cleansed with sage. 

Aragonite Clusters | Mini

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