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Chocolate Calcite aka Brown Aragonite
Inner Peace | Cleansing | Motivation | Balance 


Weight: 267g

Approx size: 6cm

Origin: Madagascar 


Chocolate Calcite opens you to opportunities of personal growth & can be an excellent tool to help you recognize the patterns that lead to repeated mistakes so you’re able to break them and make better choices moving forward. 
Use Chocolate Calcite when you’re in need of finding a balance between work and home. This stone is also thought to protect the user from negative energy and bring a feeling of peace and contentment. Chocolate Calcite connects to your Root Chakra & grounds you to the Earth, providing a warm and soothing energy.




Price is per 1 piece. Please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind; there will be slight variations with each stone.

All crystals are cleansed with sage.

Chocolate Calcite aka Brown Aragonite Sphere

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