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Crystal Healing for Women

Discover the physical, mental, and spiritual healing power of crystals and awaken the healer within. 

Author: Mariah K. Lyons


Revered for their restorative powers over our health, crystals have served humanity for millennia. With Crystal Healing for Women, you can unlock the ancient secrets of healing and wisdom held within these stones.

Crystal healer and Reiki Master Mariah K. Lyons shares her knowledge in this beautifully-illustrated, practical guide that helps women awaken to their feminine divinity and healing powers, and rekindle their instinctual relationship with nature.

She also shows you how to select and care for crystals and incorporate them in rituals. You'll learn to intentionally utilize crystals, helping you to find deeper levels of spiritual growth, integrated healing, and sustainable well-being.


Crystal healing fundamentals:
How crystal vibrational energy works as well as how to activate, charge, and cleanse your crystals.


40 energetic self-care rituals: 
Daily and seasonal wellness practices plus focused healing and manifestation for fertility, pregnancy, the feminine cycle, anxiety, creativity, and love.


50 healing crystal profiles: 
Modern interpretations, individual features, and beautiful photographs of stones with energetic properties and healing compatibilities.


10 key crystals for women: 
An in-depth look at select stones chosen for their potency, healing power, and connection to Divine Feminine energy.


Crystals in everyday life: 
Where to place them in your home and on your body and how to work with them and create crystal-healing grids.


Crystal Healing for Women

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