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Hematoid Quartz (aka Fire Quartz)

Focus | Stability | Self Esteem | Cleansing


Weight: 98g

Approz Size: 6cm x 5cm x 1.5cm

Origin: Madagascar 


Hematoid quartz, most commonly know as Fire Quartz contains both the amplification properties of Quartz with the balance and stability of Hematite. It is a highly energetic stone that can assist not only in removing negativity but also transforming and transmuting negative energy into positive energy.

Fire Quartz can promote Self Worth and Self Esteem when it's lacking & can enhance focus and concentration when trying to complete major projects. Fire Quartz can also be used to calm worries and panic & can strengthen, rejuvenate, and cheer one up.




Price is per 1 piece. Please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind;  there will be slight variations with each stone.

All crystals are cleansed with sage. 

*Stand is included

Fire Quartz Heart

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