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Selenite & Shungite

Energy Conduit | Healing | Restorative | Balance


Approx size: 10cm - 15cm


Harmonizers are typically used during meditation to balance, recharge, and restore energy of the body. One crystal can be used as Yin, or moon, energy in the left hand and the other can be placed as Yang, or sun, energy, in the left hand. 
With one in each hand, sit cross legged, hold them on your knees, concentrating on your senses as the energy relaxes and moves through you.


Selenite is radiating with moon magic, it was named after the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene. It can radiate a strong white light energy that can promote purity, honesty, confidence, protection and amplify your energy.
Selenite carries a fine, high, frequency and intensity of energy that surpasses nearly all stones for opening, clearing, and activating the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras.

Origin: Morocco


Shungite helps clear and balance each Chakra individually and then as a group, and is a wonderful aid to balance higher energy work. It helps one find the ideas and wisdom to use towards the better future of creation, and brings a sense of understanding how one became oneself, and helps one to find the good in all and to see the benefits in the smallest of thing’s.




Price is per 1 set, intuitively chosen for you. 
Please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind;  there will be slight variations with each stone. All crystals are cleansed with sage. 

Harmonizer Set

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