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Palo Santo

Approx 10cm

Palo Santo "Holy Wood" in Spanish; is a sacred wood that comes from the Palo Santo tree found throughout South America.
When the fragrant wood is burned; Palo Santo's sweet and intoxicating smoke can be used to clear, purify, protect, and bless a sacred space, home or office. 
The smoke is believed to provide medicinal and therapeutic healing energies.


To use Palo Santo; light one end of the stick, let it flame, allow to burn out or blow out the flame if you feel safer doing this and allow the wood to smoulder.
As your space begins to fill with the aromatic smell, hold the wood in both hands, visualise and speak your intentions loudly.
When finished, place the stick in a fire proof bowl of metal, glass or clay. 
One stick can be used many times. 



Price is per 1 piece, intuitively chosen for you. 

Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens)

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