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Pink Mangano Calcite 

Amplifies | Cleanses | Healing | Tranquillity


Approx Size: 7.5cm x 3cm


Mangano Calcite, also known as Pink Calcite, is a stone of peace of tranquility. The purifying energy of Calcite can clean out any stored negative energy in a room, or the body. 
Use it to remove old energy patterns and increase personal motivation, and drive. 
A stone of forgiveness, Mangano Calcite helps heal our heart and encourages compassion towards others and ourselves.  It helps us improve our self-worth and self-acceptance, lifting stress, tension and anxiety. 

**Pink Mangano Calcite glows bright pink under a UV light**




Price is per 1 piece, intuitively chosen for you.
Please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind; there will be slight variations with each stone. All crystals are cleansed with sage.

Pink Mangano Calcite Bowl

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