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Se Agapó Incense Blend

Burn Se Agapó Incense Blend to attract and manifest self love into your life. Use this blend during bath soaks, meditation, rituals or to bring love into your home.


Se Agapó Incense Blend is hand crafted with love using organic plants, barks, herbs, flowers & resins such as rose petals, patchouli, copal and more.




To use; simply prepare your charcoal disc on a heat proof dish or a Brass Burner. When ready, sprinkle a pinch of loose incense onto burning disc & Enjoy! Use as much incense as you like.When done & the disc has completely burnt to ash, discard safely. Scent & colours may vary slightly between bottles.

Herbs are mixed via mortar and pestle & saged after bottled.

My mortar and pestle is cleaned between mixes.

Due to the natural makeup of this product, textures & colors may vary.

15g & includes Two charcoal discs.

Price is per 1 piece.

Se Agapó Blend

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