Swift Lite Charcoal 1 Pack of 10 discs, 3.3cm


Swift Lite Charcoal is a smokeless and odourless product, it's long-burning and super easy to light. It comes well sealed in foil tubes to protect against moisture.

Swift Lite charcoal uses sustainable wood sources and only uses specially selected species of timber in order to give a hotter and stronger product.



To use, simply hold one disc over a flame using tongs. You can use a lighter, match or over a candle flame (which I prefer).

Light the edge of the disc & watch as it begins to glow red, crackle and spark across the disc. Place the lit disc onto a heat proof dish or a Brass Burner for a minute or two to heat up.When the disc is alight; sprinkle your desired Incense Blend as much as required.

Price is per 1 pack of 10 discs, 3.3cm


Swift Lite Charcoal