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Protection | Focus | Creativity | Cleansing


Weight: 195g
Approx size: 12.5cm x 3cm

Origin: Brazil


Fluorite, also know as the 'Genius Stone' works to open, calm & expand your mind to allow new information to drench your brain, increasing our powers of concentration, focus & self-confidence.
It encourages balanced, positive energy while crushing negative energy from your aura. It cleanses, purifies and dispels anything that rattles our mind allowing us to focus and think clearly. 
Meditate with Fluorite to give order to chaos, and let go of negative habits that no longer serve you.

Yellow Fluorite enhances creativity and can help with stimulating and healing all powers of the mind.




Price is per 1 piece.

Please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind;  there will be slight variations with each stone. All crystals are cleansed with sage. 

Yellow Fluorite Generator Point

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