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Protective | Grounding | Harmony | Understanding 


Weight: 15g - 25g

Origin: South Africa


Bronzite is a great grounding stone, it can help you to feel a sense of stillness which can help you to be more objective whe trying to see the bigger picture. Bronzite can also aid with making a more effective & more informed decisions. 
The harmonious energy that Bronzite has can help to alleviate nerves, anxious energy & pressure.
It’s also thought to dispel negative energy, protecting the user from ‘psychic attack’ and sending that energy back to its source.




Price is per 1 piece, intuitively chosen for you. 
Please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind;  there will be slight variations with each stone. All crystals are cleansed with sage

Bronzite Tumble

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