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Balance | Awareness | Transition | Peace


Weight Range: 120g - 150g
Origin: Madagascar


Lepidolite is known as a 'Stone of Transition' as it helps to shift and restructure old energy patterns, bringing light and hope with it. 
If you’re going through a major change, Lepidolite may help reduce the stress that comes with that and provide a sense of balance, security and inner peace. 
There are traces amounts of Lithium in Lepidolite, which is used in anti-anxiety medication & explains why it’s so good for emotional balance. 
It's a natural stone to release stress, soothe the mind, and relieve feelings of depression. It is the perfect, natural melatonin.
Meditate with it to encourage spiritual transcendence and cosmic awareness.




Price is per 1 piece, intuitively chosen for you.

Please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind; there will be slight variations with each stone. All crystals are cleansed with sage. 

Lepidolite Palm Stone | X-Large

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