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Polychrome Jasper
Courage | Compassion | Nurturing | Contentment


Weight: 127g 
Approx size: 5cm x 5cm x 5cm


Polychrome Jasper is also referred to as Desert Jasper, can help to reveal deep, hidden, powerful wisdom of nature. It is strong nurturing stone that gently calms, centres, protects and grounds us.  It can aid with clearing energy blockages throughout the body enabling a rebirth or transformation.  
Polychrome Jasper can also inspire energy and vitality by tapping into the core of its earth energy.  It is stone of courage, determination, stability and balance by encouraging our emotional and physical bodies to connect, creating a sense of wholeness.  




Price is per 1 piece. Please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind; there will be slight variations with each stone.
All crystals are cleansed with sage. 


Polychrome Jasper Pyramid

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