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The Hamsa Hand
Frame Size: 10inch x 10inch


The Hamsa Hand was first seen in ancient Mesopotamia, now known as the Middle East.
The image of the Hamsa Hand has grown & is cherished by many different cultures.

As our world expanded and civilisations blossomed, the Hamsa Hand's beliefs journeyed with them. 
It's remained constant through the changing of cultures and the founding of major religions. 
Because it pre-dates many formal religions, the image of the Hamsa hand has had a place in almost every prominent religion & continues to be loved by many countries and cultures all over the world.

With it's countless connections to many religions, it's considered a symbol of unity. 
It's connection to female figures makes it an emblem of femininity and love. 
It's also beensaid to be a spiritual and/or pagan symbol and has also been viewed as a symbol of unified masculine and feminine energies that can come together to create harmony, balance  & light. For Hindus and Buddhists, the Hamsa symbolises Chakras, even energy flow in the body.

But most commonly, the Hamsa Hand represents the symbol of protection, shielding against evil and keeping you safe. 
This Hamsa Hand is facing upwards; therefore it's a powerful shield against evil and malicious motive.  It serves as armour from any negative feelings and thoughts that you may feel regarding yourself or others which includes feelings like jealousy, insecurities, greed, and hatred. 

Place a Hamsa Hand at the entrance of your home or your sacred space & can it be a wonderful house warming gift too.
These handcrafted stunning pieces are available in either a black or white glass frame & a stand is supplied with each piece, as shown in photo.




Price is per 1 piece & are cleansed with sage. 

The Hamsa Hand

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