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The Moon Dust Dream Dictionary
Unlock the true meanings of your dreams with the wisdom of the moon.
Author : Florance Saul


Night time is the domain of dreams and the moon. Just as the tide flows and day turns into night, our dreams are stirred and impacted by lunar activity. Offering new, mystical insight and presented in a straightforward and practical way - psychic and occult expert Flo provides never before seen dream interpretation based specifically on lunar activity.


You will uncover:

*How and why the eight magical moon phases impact our dreams and their meanings, and how we should respond to the messages they contain.


*From ancient Mesopotamia to modern day science, the deeply studied impact that astrology and the Moon, astronomy and psychology have had on spiritual wisdom and the art of dream interpretation.


*Ishtar, the multifaceted goddess of the heavens, through which we can channel a deeper understanding of the stars and the moon, and, ultimately, ourselves.


*A thorough A-Z interpretation of dream symbols and their messages within the lunar cycle.


The Moon Dust Dream Dictionary will help you better understand the deeper messages of your dreams and advise on how you can apply lunar wisdom to achieve your ambitions and live a happier, more contented and self-aware life

The Moon Dust Dream Dictionary

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